Need a handyman services in Durban?

Don’t you worry because our team at Durban Renovators are qualified and proficient.

Durban Renovators is the premier Handyman Service in Durban. We have been helping ‘Durbaniteswith their home and office repairs since 2005. Our handymen are multi-skilled, punctual, and polite and will always leave your property tidy. If you are looking for the best handyman service Durban has to offer then look no further than Durban Renovators.

We have a wide range of capabilities, from little repair jobs that you don’t want to waste your time doing to more significant redecorations, carpentry jobs as well plumbing problems. Contact our friendly team with your requirements today.

Unlike many of our competitors, we have been serving ‘Durbanites’ for over 25 years and have more happy customers than ever. We always believe that you get what you pay for. With Durban Renovators(Handyman Services In Durban), you can have peace of mind that we will turn up on time, do the job properly and clean up after ourselves. To us, trust and a good reputation can take years to build, but can so quickly become damaged.

That is why we work so hard every day to ensure that each and every customer is delighted with Durban Renovators(Handyman Services In Durban) experience and will want to tell their friends about us. Our pricing is clear and transparent.


HandyMan Services

Durban Renovators offer the following HandyMan services at affordable rates.

General Handy Man

Painting, plumbing, tiling, etc.

Pressure Cleaning

Roofs, walls, driveways, etc.

Floor/Epoxy Coating

Garage floors, offices, warehouses.


Roofs, buildings, bathrooms, showers.



Kitchen, bathrooms, floors & walls.


Bathrooms, toilets, showers, etc.

Brick Work & Plastering

Walls, buildings, repairs, etc.

New Doors & Repairs

Fitting & repairs both internal & external.


New Windows & Repairs

Fitting & repairs of windows.

Carpet Tiling

For offices or home.

Ceilings & Ceiling repairs

Residential, commercial ceilings.

Viynl Tiling

For kitchens or offices.


Roof Repairs

Replacements, membranes, underlays.

Sun Decks

New decks & repairs.


General carpentry, furniture & repairs.

Flats, Houses & Warehouses

Reinstatments, repairs, etc.



Installations, downpipes & repairs.


Factory reinstatements, repairs.

Concrete Work

Spalling, flooring, screeds.

Tennis Courts

Tennis Court reinstatement/repairs.