Durban Renovators take pride in the professional services that we offer in Durban, which always leaves our customers thrilled once they’ve seen the results of our work as we always exceed their expectations.

Durban Renovators doesn’t just provide superior professional services and lasting results but we also offer competitive rates and a convenient scheduling to meet your budget and planning needs. From painting to whatever you desire, our team of experts is ready to get the job done for you.

We offer professional painting services in Durban. We provide our client’s with an excellent service, we provide quality work from start to finish, and we are punctual and considerate.

We have a reputation for providing you with professional painting services in Durban because our service, is unlike the others, we tidy up at the end of each day of work and we offer competitive prices and a “no hassle” guarantee. So feel free to get in touch with Durban Renovators the best paint company in Durban you can trust.

Industrial Painting Services

We use modern painting systems and application technology allowing us to provide a decoration service for any internal or external project on any property type. Industrial decorating is a complex process involving thorough preparations and careful application. Durban renovators has the knowledge and skills to ensure the job is done right.

Commercial Painting Services

We have worked with many sectors including offices, houses, leisure, shops, supermarkets etc. we offer a wide range of services including epoxy flooring, plumbing and roof repairs.

Domestic Painting Services

We appreciate that with us working in your home whilst you are working there maybe concern of intrusion. So we aim to make it as stress free as possible by always being punctual. We will look after your property, always laying dust sheets to cover your furniture and floors.