Durban Renovators is a tiling company dedicated to answering your tiling needs. Starting with the standard floor and wall tiling and extending to a complete refurbishment and bathroom installation, our team will complete any task at hand that has tiling involved.

Our aim is to become a leading tiling company that resolves all of your flooring or tiling needs. We strive to provide high quality flooring services to our clients with honesty and integrity.

Each individual on our payroll is a fully trained professional, certified and up to speed with the industry’s latest innovations. That makes each of them an ideal choice when it comes to fixing and laying any type of tile

What makes Durban Renovators the best tiling company in Durban is that we provide professional tiling services for both residential and commercial clients, so if you’re looking for a team of tilers in Durban, then you should contact Durban renovators now. We offer top class tiling services for all our customers.

We aim to ensure an exquisite finesse by working to your specifications. Be it composite, ceramic or porcelain, our Durban based professional tiling contracting team possess the necessary skills to install any of kind of tile, slab or stone mosaic. We ensure the best results by working closely with our clients throughout the process. Being made from the finest material, our tiles are durable and need low maintenance.

We will guarantee all jobs that we undertake – now that’s confidence! We are so confident in our abilities and professionalism and we Promise 100% satisfaction on your tiling job!

Due to our vast knowledge and extensive experience, we come up with tiling solutions that are stylish, tasteful and economical. No matter what your budget is, we always design our service in a way that is affordable for you.